DIY Bunny Egg Cups made from Mini Planters

DIY Bunny Egg Cup made from a mini planter by Motte's blog, cover image

Easter got me again! 


Although it really isn't my favorite holiday, it appears I have become more and more obsessed with painting eggs. (If anyone needs some inspiration for this year's Easter table, you'll definitely find some here.) There is just something about that teeny weeny canvas that seems to intrigue me. Finding motifs that work on this small, rounded space. And oh how I love making things that just kind of take care of themselves when no longer needed; so I don't have to go looking for storage space. You know what I mean?


Basically it means that I'm not good at letting go.


But this year I thought, Motte, we need to do something about your Easter egg madness. 


So I decided to trick myself by keeping the eggs all plain and decorating the egg cups instead.  


Which also means that I will have to store these egg cups somewhere, but oh well. We can't fight all demons at once.