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As mentioned in my last post, I guess you could say that the moth is my spirit animal. I relate to anything associated with wind, natural earth tones and wings. 

Also, I love the idea of living two lives, one as a caterpillar and another as a fully grown adult moth. Imagine being able to say Nope, that’s it, I’m going to bed!, wrapping up in a cozy blanket and then waking up as a fully transformed person. 


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Ever since I was a little girl I have answered to the name of Motte. This nickname was given to me by my parents and although I have had a fair share of nicknames (I can think of nine just now ranging from logical deductions from my birth name to bizarre associations which frankly, I am not in favor of), this one really stuck.

Yes, every family get-together starts with “May I still call you Motte?” – “Are you too old to be called Motte?” – “Is it ok if I…”
It never bugged me much (See what I did here? Oh wait, you can’t, I haven’t explained. Just stick with me!). It was only when my family moved to Germany that I realized that it was not the most favorable name.


Sinatra’s rendition of That’s Life might just be the best song of all times. It’s simple, it’s catchy. It’s a parody and harsh reality at once. It’s an attempt at encouragement. It’s comforting and terrifying and a big pain in the bum. And it is my new philosophy.

Time and time again we are reminded that our lives are not picture perfect. Most of us do not, nor ever will own a Hollywood mansion where personal trainers, chefs and florists await; where pet unicorns sing lullabies and it rains gumdrops and roses (To those lucky few: Cheers!); 

and that in fact, none of us will ever get to marry Ryan Gosling, regardless of what Pinterest is trying to make us believe (I predict there will be that one exception and we can battle it out later. I hear he is into bake-offs and I am pretty good at them, so brace yourselves!).