Work Life Balance | Motte's Blog

Recently I have been spending quite a lot of time revisiting old memories, reminiscing about the past if you will; about the past few years in particular, which is when I finished my last years at university and headed into what is called “the real world” full of work work work (bleh), paychecks (yay) and tax returns (I think I still need some help with those).


DIY Blackboard Art | Motte's Blog

I’m really impressed by my brother’s artwork adorning the blackboard in my parent’s kitchen. I decided it needed documenting before it gets wiped away and thought it’d be the perfect opportunity to share some images with you. Enjoy! 


Why Creativity Matters | Motte's Blog

Over Christmas I got together with some of my old class mates for wine for breakfast and an absurd Secret Santa gift exchange (let me just say shovels, candles that were not shaped like candles (?!) and key finders that will. not. stop. beeping.), and one of my friends said something along the lines of ‘I saw your blog… I like what you did there… but then I thought, what the hell do you do with it?’. She wasn’t referring so much to the blog itself, but to some of my crafts.

What is the purpose of them? Do you really need them?...