What’s on today? | DIY LETTER BOARD

DIY Letter Board, Motte's Blog

Today I am sharing with you a slightly older craft of mine which I have resurrected: The reader board.

Letter boards have been all the rage for a little while now, mostly as a smaller version with little stick-on letters, or as a petite light box.

I however am sticking to my larger design which I made a few years ago, mimicking old movie theatre signs. Bringing old Hollywood back into my living room, you know.

Mr. DeMille, I am ready for my close-up!


Stracciatella Cake in a Jar, Motte's Blog

May I have your attention please: The sun is out! I repeat: The sun is out!

Which means it is about high time to spend your days out on the balcony. Ideally with a cooling beverage, or as I would prefer, a slice of cake with a scoop of ice cream slowly melting away, oozing over the edges of perfectly baked, crispy golden batter, dripping onto your favorite skirt… YUM!

Now I know this isn’t always an option. Mainly because there is only so many times you can wash your favorite skirt. But also because cake isn’t something you just happen to have in your pantry at all times. And here I go, making you drool – shame!

But imagine a world in which this were an actual, viable option.

Imagine a pantry brimming full with moist, yet crumbly cake sending sweet fragrances up your nose with every swing of the pantry door.