DIY String Art Pumpkins | Motte's Blog

It's the Halloween weekend and I’ve already spent a good ten minutes this morning practicing my horror grimace in anticipation of the trick-or-treaters. I’m getting pretty good at the undead-but-not-yet-starved Zombie face. Though on second thought, that could just come down to the cold I caught weighing down my facial features; and the smell of baked apples in the oven giving me the rumbly-tumblies!

In any case, Halloween can come, I am prepared!

I’m just messing with you. Kids don’t do Halloween around here! The neighborhood is much too nice; and traditional for that matter to welcome Celtic ghost stories into their homes. Though I do have reason to believe the old lady next door is in fact a witch. I can hear her wicked chuckles through the walls even late at night and I’m pretty sure she hides a broomstick in that weird fabric shopping trolley of hers!