Crafter's Know-How | SEWING ON A BUTTON

How To Sew On A Button | Motte's Blog

As a crafter I'm sure you are all too familiar with this scenario:

Friend/family/colleague approaches crafter.
"You like making things."
"You can sew."
"So you can reattach this button."


Paper Poetry II Motte's Blog


DIY Relationship Status T-Shirt | Motte's Blog

Let's just make this easy for ourselves. Not only on Valentine's Day, but all year through.

Am I in a fully committed, hopefully lasting and presumably loving relationship?

Yes. No. Maybe so.

Minus the "maybe so" because that's a little vague and doesn't help much at all.

"thus with a kiss I die" | DIY STORY CUBES

DIY Story Cubes | Motte's Blog

You should know by now that I am a fan of stories. Especially those on stages and screens and printed onto paper.

And every now and then I myself venture into the land of storytelling. On this blog for instance I tell you tales of my inner obsessions, my royal family and Mexican fiestas.

But coming up with something on the spot involving a proper beginning, middle and end isn't particularly easy. And I sure ain't a poet. I like to think I'm good at rambling. I throw some random thoughts out there and then put them in an order that hopefully makes some kind of sense. To somebody out there.