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Crafter's Know-How | The Blanket Stitch | DIY Embroidered Postcard | Motte's Blog

Soundslike the most cozy thing on the planet, but does involve needles, so a word of caution.

The so-called Blanket Stitch is a super easy embroidery technique to encase a piece of fabric - or in this case, a postcard - in cute trimming that evens out the edges and creates a neat finish.

Fitting, because I too love to wrap myself up in a cuddly-wuddly blanket with not much more than a good book. Granted, it might just be a tad too hot for sheep's wool and piping hot tea; but a summer's night out on the balcony with a little padding under the bum sounds good enough for me.


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Crafter's Know-How | Embroidery | Lazy Daisy Stitch | Detached Chain Stitch

Also known as the Lazy Daisy Stitch, this embroidery technique is perfect for simple floral designs that can be done in a whim.

With just a few stitches, you'll have covered an entire bed sheet in a sea of daisies. It's that easy!

Fine, let's go with a napkin. Seems more doable.

In just a matter of minutes, you'll have turned an entire napkin into a flowering meadow!

At least, if you keep the stitches quite large and limit the number of blossoms just slightly. But it's still easy! And since you seem to enjoy my posts on "Crafter's Know-How", it was a no-brainer to me that I would show you how to master the detached chain stitch next!


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May and June are the birthday months it seems. It gets a little calmer only in the later summer months. That is, until November when the madness resumes in celebration of the fall children. Such as myself.

Don't get me wrong, I love a mad birthday bash. And I surely don't mind a cheese-cake stuffed fudge cake with an Oreo base sprinkled with chocolate-orange bark and caramelized walnuts, but do all my friends have to have been born within a two-month window?

For one thing, it's not good for my diet.

On another note, sometimes - that is in between two social gatherings thoughtfully put together to commemorate the life of another - I just need some time to reload my creative energy. Refill the tank. And sometimes a milk chocolate tart with almond praline and whipped coffee cream fresh from the oven, all warm and gooey just won't do the trick.

Unless maybe a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream is involved.

That would probably work.


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I was about twelve years old when I first and truly felt bad about killing a plant.

But besides that minor murderous incident, I now look back on what might have been the best class trip of my school career.

Then in sixth grade, my class mates and I, plus two super-nice-people-but-very-strict teachers spent an entire week in a youth hostel in what seemed like the middle of nowhere. I now know that if it had been absolutely necessary, my mom could have come and got me in like two short hours. But back then, it felt like a long way from home.

Also, I want to be very clear that although there is no place like home, I did not tap my little red ballerinas and my mom did not have to come rescue me. Because I was a big girl, of course.

And I was no longer wearing glitterfied footgear.