Hi, and welcome to Motte, 

my creative little corner on the web that has quickly turned into my second (or third, or fourth?) home.

What you can expect from Motte is a conglomeration of personal stories, a hotchpotch of ideas and a whole bunch of inspiration.

Everything you will come across will be at least one of the following things:

creative (diy & projects), delicious (food & recipes), beautiful (health & beauty), comfy (interior & home décor), reflective (thoughts & ideas). Hopefully all of the above though.


After growing up both in Germany and the US, I occasionally suffer from what I consider to be a mild form of an identity crisis (I am not currently in treatment, but I do take this very seriously, no worries). Typically, I feel more at home wherever I am not. When in Berlin, I wish for nothing more than to pack my bags and fly all the way over that big pond called the Atlantic Ocean. But once I've arrived, I truly couldn't feel more European.

Moving to the Netherlands and the UK before recently heading back to Germany, proved to be just the adventure I had been craving, but didn't help much with finding where I truly belong either.

I now live in my 12th apartment and, basically, I feel at home everywhere and nowhere.

Confusing I know.

Now in Berlin, and with the intention of staying here for an (to me) unusually long period of time, I have come to realize (in a tranquil moment free from moving boxes, job applications and travel guides) that apart from my family, my greatest constant in life is my love for storytelling and creating things. If anything, this passion has only grown and has been fueled by my many cross-border adventures.

Be they written, sung, filmed, photographed or staged, I have a real passion for stories - my own and others'. Paired with one of my creations - be it a cupcake or a paper aiplane - and I feel more like I belong than I could ever say.

I hope that while combing through my little digital world, like me, you will find a little bit of home.


Motte is my nickname from when I was little. Learn more about what it means here.

Head on over to my very first blog post to learn more about me, my go-to philosophy when things aren't going the way they are supposed to, and why I started blogging.


I get hiccoughs from eating bread. No really!

I am a scorpio and it definitely shows.

I could eat pasta everyday. I also do most days.

I weep at movies.

My eyes water when I pluck my eyebrows, which, in turn, makes me sneeze.

I consider myself a Gryffindor, but believe it would be much more exciting to be a Slytherin.

I yawn an awful lot.

I dream solely in English despite it not being my first language.

I cannot roll an "r". Which my family kindly reminds me of. Rrrrrrrepeatedly.

When sleeping on my own, I need to hug a pillow, or this sleeping thing, it ain't gonna work.

I have no issues with bleeding, but talking about blood makes me nauseous.

I do not like black licorice.

While talking on the phone, I walk around in circles until I get dizzy.

I make to do lists for absolutely everything. I also rewrite my lists when they no longer look tidy.

3 is my lucky number.


  1. I walk around in circles while talking on the phone too, sometimes, I I guess that I'm making bigger circles because I never got dizzy from that :) It's not because I keep talking to a minimum (I don't).

    Your blog is brilliant, love it so much, it makes me laugh, smile, think and inspires me, thanks Motte.

    Time to stop procrastinating with my blogging...

    1. Dear Grazina, thank you so much for your kind words! I'm glad you feel inspired and enjoy my posts! Also, I'll definitely try walking in bigger circles next time! :)

    2. I can relate to walking in circles, sneezing w/eyebrows, and finding my place in this world. THANK YOU FOR SHARING IT HELPS TO KNOW OTHERS Have similar behaviors that I have been oddities with me

  2. Never felt so much congenially to a person...change the pasta into pizza and no one could ever make a difference between us *lol*.
    I also recognized our love for stitching and much more...I will be your biggest fan, Accio newsletter...and
    Greetings from Bavaria