DIY Bunny Egg Cups made from Mini Planters

DIY Bunny Egg Cup made from a mini planter by Motte's blog, cover image

Easter got me again! 


Although it really isn't my favorite holiday, it appears I have become more and more obsessed with painting eggs. (If anyone needs some inspiration for this year's Easter table, you'll definitely find some here.) There is just something about that teeny weeny canvas that seems to intrigue me. Finding motifs that work on this small, rounded space. And oh how I love making things that just kind of take care of themselves when no longer needed; so I don't have to go looking for storage space. You know what I mean?


Basically it means that I'm not good at letting go.


But this year I thought, Motte, we need to do something about your Easter egg madness. 


So I decided to trick myself by keeping the eggs all plain and decorating the egg cups instead.  


Which also means that I will have to store these egg cups somewhere, but oh well. We can't fight all demons at once. 


DIY Bunny Egg Cups made from mini planters by Motte's blog, stacked into a pile

Good thing they are stackable! 


And oh just look at how adorable these little bunny egg cups turned out! 

I've been using planters as egg cups for a while now because I like the color and simple design.

They are also easily replaceable should any accidents occur. And they can be so easily transformed into something new. Little bunnies are just the beginnin, let me tell you!


  • mini planters (I got my mine at the hardware store, they measure 4cm in height and are 4,5cm wide at the top)
  • modelling clay
  • wooden beads (optional, measuring 1cm) 
  • acrylic paint
  • felt tip
  • paint brush
  • hot glue gun




molding modeling clay into different shapes

For the bunny ears, start by making little balls of modelling clay by rolling out little pieces in the palm of your hand. Make them approximately 1cm in width or smaller. Now roll out the balls to create more length and flatten. Mold into a bunny ear shape.

molding modelling clay into bunny ears
For each bunny you will need one pair of ears and four beads for the base, imitating little bunny feet.
Note: Instead of using beads, I made the bunnies' feet from modeling clay as well by rolling out extra balls of clay. I actually recommend using beads, because the end result will be more even. I only thought of that later. So instead I was sure to press the four balls together to form the base and press the planter on top to take care of any unevenness before the hardening process.
If you are using air-drying modeling clay, set out to dry. Or, if using oven-hardening clay like I was, place in the oven according to the instructions on the packaging.
painting bunny ears made from modelling clay
Paint all of the elements, both the ears as well as the feet in the color of your choice. I also added little pink details to the ears.  

Painting mini planters with acrylic paint

Lastly, paint the planters in the corresponding color using acrylic paint and let dry.

Painting the faces of DIY Bunny Egg Cup made from a mini planter by Motte's blog

Once dried, paint a little face onto the lower half of the planter. Felt tips worked well for me.

Painting the face of a DIY Bunny Egg Cup made from a mini planter by Motte's blog

I used the pink for more details, but did this with acrylic paint because I wanted the color to really pop.


Two DIY Bunny Egg Cup made from a mini planter by Motte's blog looking at each other

With your hot glue gun, glue the planter onto the the beaded base and the ears onto the top rim of the planter.


Three DIY Bunny Egg Cup made from a mini planter by Motte's blog

And there you are: Three little bunny egg cups ready for your Eater table!

I also thought about mixing color, like making a speckled bunny, or adding a little rabbit tail. That would be adorable, but might make stacking a bit tough. 

What adaptations will you be making?


DIY Bunny egg cup made from a mini planter by Motte's blog

DIY Bunny Egg Cup made from a mini planter by Motte's blog


Happy Easter!

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