Berry Instant Frozen Yoghurt Recipe | Motte's Blog

The rumors are true.

I am an inventor.

Yes, my humble self has sailed uncharted waters. I have packed my bags, or in this case my smoothie maker, and am taking the high road to success.

For I have single-handedly discovered the one thing long missing from any recipe collection:


Thoughts on a Monday Morning II| Motte's Blog

Not all roses are red.
Some are white, others yellow.
Some just hurt.


DIY Fitness Roulette | Workout Game | Motte's Blog

When it comes to fitness, I am a beast. Building up my muscles is my primary goal in life. Nothing can stop me. I pump and press, and huff and puff until every bone in my body aches with joy. At the gym, I am the girl that everyone stares at with a look of envy and a tad bit of annoyance. And I am also

just kidding.

I am no beast. I am no health guru. And while I understand the necessity to make healthy life choices, I also like to stuff my face with pasta and finish my day with an ice cream sundae.

Royal Bed Chamber | DIY PILLOW POETRY

DIY Pillow Poetry | Motte's Blog

I remember, many years ago, asking my little cousin whether she'd like to be a princess. In all earnest and not so much as a trace of doubt in her voice, she turned to me and said 'No. I am a witch'.

She had her mind set early that one! Excited to see where life will take her!

Witches have free spirits, magic powers and fly high in the sky on household items others use merely to sweep the floors! (ha! humans, so lame!)

So I would say, dear cousin, witches sound pretty damn cool to me!

(I am not sure if she is aware, but just in case, I won't tell her about witches being persecuted and burned at the stake for many, many miserable years...)


Summer Smoothie | Motte's Blog

Like most of you (I'm just guessing here), I too had planned on being über-productive this weekend.

Like crazy busy, but not in a bad way.

Never in a bad way.

Rather, like the-cookie-monster-gobbling-up-chocolate-chip-cookies-by-the-ton-in-a-matter-of-seconds kind of productive. You know, get stuff out of the way.

In a pleasurable manner.

Happy Donut Day | SAY IT WITH A SONG DIY

Donut Day Greeting Card | Motte's Blog

"I'm not done with that cupcake, so donut stop me now!"

"I have seen it do miracles, so donut stop believing in the magic of fried dough!"

Musicians and bands all over the world, such as Queen and Journey, have been getting it right for years. So let's just put some faith into them performers and, this Donut Day (yes, this is a thing), say it with a song!


Writing postcards | Motte's Blog

Be honest, when was the last time you wrote a letter?

And I am talking about a proper, hand-written, ink-on-paper letter? None of them fancy facebooky things: statuses, updates, pms, tweets, emails, text messages and what not.

The digital world truly has taken over, and yet, every now and then I do receive a postcard with an incredibly tacky image on the front not-so-subtly reminding me that, unlike you, I am not spending my afternoons slurping margueritas at beach parties on hawaii.

It's cool though, the office is buzzing with energy also. There may not be any booze, but people are still going crazy!