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Today I thought I’d quickly share some photos of my Valentine’s Day Morning. Or rather, Valentine’s Morning.


Cupid's Greatest Achievements | DIY Pencil Arrows Display | Motte's Blog

So since I’ve been stuck in bed, I’ve had plenty of time to think about… well, about all of the damn time I’ve got on my hands. Which may sound wonderful, particularly because I only just published this post on how little time we as oh-so-mature adults have for anything other than work. But really, being sick isn’t exactly the same as taking a few days off or going away for the holidays.

It is in fact torture. Yes, you heard correctly. Torture.

Valentine's Day for Valentine Sceptics | SCAVENGER HUNT & DIY LOVE HEART EARRINGS

DIY Clay Love Heart Earrings | Motte's Blog

Now, when I say ‘Valentine sceptics’, I don’t mean radical repudiators who travel in groups, have one too many drinks and declare war to all smooching couples who look just a tad too loved-up, but rather those individuals amongst us who just couldn’t be bothered to make a big deal of summoning every ounce of devotional love in their body and forcing it all out on that one day of the year because some Saint Valentine from the third century said so!