Valentine's Day for Valentine Sceptics | SCAVENGER HUNT & DIY LOVE HEART EARRINGS

DIY Clay Love Heart Earrings | Motte's Blog

Now, when I say ‘Valentine sceptics’, I don’t mean radical repudiators who travel in groups, have one too many drinks and declare war to all smooching couples who look just a tad too loved-up, but rather those individuals amongst us who just couldn’t be bothered to make a big deal of summoning every ounce of devotional love in their body and forcing it all out on that one day of the year because some Saint Valentine from the third century said so!
DIY Clay Love Heart Earrings | Motte's Blog

So where do I fit into this examination you might ask?
Well, I don’t mind dragging my Valentine to a movie or having dinner at a nice restaurant. I don’t mind heart-shaped chocolate either.

(And I am all up for getting down and dirty.)

(Any day of the year really.)

As long as we keep things simple and don’t put too much pressure on that day number 14.

Something I enjoy greatly as a couple is simply going for a walk. Through the country side or the busy shopping lanes, it really doesn’t matter. It gives you some quality time without being glued to the bed.

(Which, come to think of it, is a good alternative.)

So since I didn’t come up with some crazy out-of-this-world date night for this year’s Valentine’s, a walk must suffice. This is mainly because I am on sick leave and am… well, I am actually glued to the damn bed.

(But before you get any ideas, I am not allowed to do anything too crazy, so heading out for a bit of fresh air and a change of scenery probably isn’t too bad of an idea.)

(Actually, I think I’m coming up with some good ideas of my own now…)

To make things a little more interesting however, why not make a game of it?

(The walk. I’m still talking about the walk through the streets of Berlin! Naturally.)

I loved the idea of a Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt and I’m sure there are several out there, but I wanted to create my own. I’m confident all of the 14 ’items’ on the list are out there somewhere! And whilst some of them are probably found within minutes, others might turn out to be more of a challenge… At least, that is the idea! Do report back!

I also decided to make some love heart earrings to wear to my Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt! Super simple but so cute!

I had some modelling clay left over from when I made these star ornaments, so I rolled out the clay and cut out teeny tiny love hearts. I didn’t have any cookie cutters in the right size so I had to get creative and shape my own from the metal bit of a pencil. You know, the metal bit that holds the eraser.

DIY Clay Love Heart Earrings | Motte's Blog

To do so I removed the eraser and then proceeded to shape the metal with pliers and (for the most part) a push pin into the desired heart shape.

DIY Clay Love Heart Earrings | Motte's Blog

On a sheet of parchment paper, I thinly rolled out the clay and used my DIY-cookie cutter to cut out the hearts.

DIY Clay Love Heart Earrings | Motte's Blog

I let dry for 24 hours, then proceeded to file the hearts with a nail file to give them a smoother finish. Then I painted them with acrylic paint. My favorites are the golden hearts, because they have a nice shimmer and look like actual gold earrings in the right lighting.  So I decided to give the more colorful ones a golden rim for a more expensive look. Which works I think.

DIY Clay Love Heart Earrings | Motte's Blog

DIY Clay Love Heart Earrings | Motte's Blog

Since the hearts are rather small I used the tweezers to help me lift them from the parchment paper whilst painting.

DIY Clay Love Heart Earrings | Motte's Blog

DIY Clay Love Heart Earrings | Motte's Blog

Luckily the paint dries really quickly on the clay and I could soon glue the hearts onto some golden earring posts. Et voilà. C’est magnifique.

DIY Clay Love Heart Earrings | Motte's Blog

I made a few pairs in different colors, I might just wear a different pair everyday leading up to V-Day. Or give them away as gifts.

Either way, Happy Valentine’s Day!

DIY Clay Love Heart Earrings | Motte's Blog


- air drying modelling clay / modelling compound (white)
- heart-shaped cookie cutter or
- a pencil with metal end and
- pliers and
- a push pin
- parchment paper
- rolling pin
- metal nail file
- small paint brush
- acrylic paint
- earring posts
- earring backs
- strong clue (for example E6000)


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