DIY Clothespin Markers | Motte's Blog

Since I didn't manage to do so last week due to my sister's little blogging interlude, this week I will be talking about getting organized.

À la spring cleaning, but without the sponges and liquid soap.

No detergents either, though I will be getting out the clothespins.


Paper Poetry | Motte's Blog

Tortilla Tricks | DIY WIRE TACOS

DIY Wire Tacos | Motte's Blog

"I would like to invite you to a taco night. Bring Mexican hats. And some swirly straws. We'll order some Mexican food. In the meantime, let's make some wire tacos."

This is what happens when I ask my little sister to write a blog post for me.

Sleeping Through the New Year | DIY SLEEPING MASK

DIY Sleeping Mask | Motte's Blog

That's kind of the dream, isn't it?

Pulling a blanket over your head and not returning to the daylight until the crocuses have returned and blue birds are singing sweet songs on the window sill. Plus, now that we've stuffed our bellies with turkey and cranberry sauce over the holidays, it feels only natural.

Bears. I always thought they know exactly what they're doing.

But according to my employer, hibernating isn't good for business, so these days I'm just trying to get a decent night's sleep.

Welcoming the New Year | DIY GOLD LEAF PAINTING

DIY Warhol-Inspired Gold Leaf Painting | Motte's Blog

It is the New Year! And I have decided to keep my resolutions short, simple and to a minimum: Be happy. Stay healthy. Laugh loads.

Or something like that. At least I'm pretty sure that's what it says in just about every lifestyle magazine once the old year comes to a close.

So while they may not be very original, I conclude from their repetitiveness and ubiquity that these must be the superior resolutions; the ultimate road to a fulfilled 2016; the crème de la crème of New Year's resolutions so to speak.