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Best Summer Cocktail Recipe | THE HUGO

Summer Cocktail Recipe The Hugo | Motte's Blog

Hugo is like my new best friend.

If you haven't heard of Hugo yet, you can't possibly be European. For about a year now Hugo is on everybody's mind in this part of the world. He came into our lives so suddenly, but managed to sweep us off our feet even more quickly. I can't remember life without him really.

Hugo and I hang out a lot in the summer months. He is refreshingly sweet and cool at the same time. He listens patiently and always manages to relax me after a long day at the office. He brings people together. And to tell you the truth, he's immensely delicious. Visually and otherwise!

I could have him for breakfast, lunch and dinner - if you know what I mean!

Ok, I'm just gonna stop myself right there, no need to go down that route. Any further.


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What were some of your childhood nightmares?

During nap time, my biggest fear was the big, hungry crocodile living under my bed whose favorite dish just happened to be children's legs.

Because chicken legs just wouldn't do the trick. Trust me, I tried.

Crafter's Know-How | FRENCH KNOT

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In crafting terms, I would say knots are not a good thing:

Tangled yarn that prevents you from finishing up any project; even worse, that requires you to go back and redo something you believed to already have accomplished; to actually deal with the complication.

I feel like there's a metaphor hanging in the air here... I can't quite grasp it, but it can't be that hard to take the idea of a tangled mess from the craft room into our daily lives.

Something about the strands (shackles?) of life, relationship ties, pant suspenders... There's something there, I know it! Knots are really just one big jumbled mess typically trying to teach us unnecessary life lessons. And who wants that, am I right?