Everybody, stop what you’re doing!

…and have a look at this adorable little seal!!

Except it isn’t actually that little. In fact, it is almost as long as I am! Which is kind of scary, come to think of it. Always thought they were so much smaller…

But the eyes, people. The eyes!
So cute!

Today, as announced, I am throwing some more vacation snapshots your way! And since I had the best time EVER by the sea – the wind in my hair, the sand between my toes, what a dream! – most photos (once again) feature the enchanting California coastline.

For one, to provide inspiration for your next holiday trip. (Basically, I cannot imagine anybody wanting to spend their vacation days anywhere else…)

But mostly because I cannot get enough of the ocean! I dream of riding elephant seals into the sunset for crying out lowd! 

No kidding!
Sure, I might have become somewhat obsessed, but truth is, there simply is something magical about the seaside.

It makes me think of my childhood. Our many trips to Florida. And of Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Mermaid:

“her skin was as clear and delicate as a rose-leaf, and her eyes as blue as the deepest sea; but, like all the others, she had no feet, and her body ended in a fish’s tail.”
The sea just makes me happy.

The seals did play quite a big part in my journey to high spirits too, I must say. Mainly because they were just everywhere. Just lying there really. One right next to the other.

I did also learn that –next to sleeping –scratching, vocalizing, sparring and flipping sand are a seal’s main activities.

What a life.

Easily summarized in five simple verbs. I wish my life were that simple!
All photos were taken in sunny California (although, as you will see, we did experience a few overcast days) at various coastlines along Highway 1, from Cambria up to San Francisco…


Tony Bennett, I Left My Heart in San Francisco