NEED WORKOUT MOTIVATION? Follow These Eight Simple Steps

Workout Motivation | Motte's Blog

Want a Victoria's Secret beach body?

Yeah, don't we all.

Unfortunately, that is a privilege denied to many. But no worries, We can still improve on our own hourglass/pear/apple/watermelon figures with a healthy diet and a little hard work at the gym.

Which, let's face it, sounds so much easier than it actually is.

Where is that eat-once-drop-those-superfluous-pounds-and-never-gain-weight-ever-again miracle pill when you need it?

I for one haven't lost faith in this happening soon.

But until it does, the gym it is.

Workout Motivation | Motte's Blog

Sounds easy enough. And yet, so many times have we chosen a quiet night in over the treadmill, clubbing over the crosstrainer, sleeping in over the ab bench.

Truthfully, working out is not the actual problem here. It's getting to the gym in the first place! Finding the right momentum and holding on to it until you've finally gotten home after a long day at work and a terribly tiring commute.

It's getting into a groove and making sure you don't lose it once you've returned from the gym. You know, it's making sure you actually return!

Following my overseas vacation and after falling ill earlier this year, I have been quite negligent when it comes to hitting the gym regularly, shame on me! But that momentum, it was simply gone. Fini. Bye-bye.

Workout Motivation | Motte's Blog

So, a new resolution was needed.

Two weekly workout sessions at the gym. At least. As well as strength training at home.

That was the plan and surprisingly, it has been going even better than expected.

So I decided to share some of my newly found hunger for cardio and press ups, and reveal my eight ultimate tips to a successful day at the gym guaranteeing you'll want to go again. Soon. Not sometime next year.

So grab your gym bag and get your sweat on!

Workout Motivation | Motte's Blog

Let's be honest, leaving work at the end of the day thinking 'There is nothing in the world I'd rather do right now than hang out with those megababes at the gym' is a rather rare scenario.

So the best way to prevent not going to the gym at all is to plan ahead. Determine the exact date and time you plan on hitting the gym the following week!

This way you can mentally prepare and the idea of having to move for more than ten minutes at a time might not be as daunting. I go to the gym on Monday and Wednesday evenings, as well Saturday mornings. Committing to specific times makes it harder to chicken out. Stick to your plan!

Scheduling also makes it easier to take the weather into account. It's meant to rain on Monday? Plan accordingly instead of cancelling!

As you now know when you will be working out, make sure to be well prepared. Lay out your gym clothes well in advance and drink plenty of water. Also have a light pre-workout snack approximately 1 1/2 hours before you get going. Gear yourself up for a day full of exercises, your body will thank you later!

Workout Motivation | Motte's Blog

Say good bye to Ms/Mr Grumpy and get excited!

Prepare by listening to your favorite summer jams; move to your favorite dance tunes!

I like to discover new songs by tuning into Spotify and exploring new playlists.

Don't go the gym without an idea of what you're doing there, or else you'll just end up being that person standing around shuffling through your ipod, not sure what you're doing there in the first place.

Know what you are getting yourself into and decide ahead of time whether you will be doing cardio or strength training; whether you want to focus on your arms, abs or legs.

Enough of 'I look terrible. I need to lose weight. Everywhere'. Bringing yourself down doesn't help. If anything, it nurtures insecurities and the gym will be the last place you will want to be. Bare face, tight clothes, sweaty bodies won't be your best friend.

So make them just that.

Focus on what it is you actually do like about yourself. Your long legs? Your strong arms?

In turn, what could you improve on? How can you make yourself look even better? What would make you feel even better about yourself?

Create a heathy attitude of improving instead of changing.

Workout Motivation | Motte's Blog

We might manage to go to the gym five days a week, but if every visit is the same as the last we quickly get bored. And there is nothing worse than getting bored at the gym. Boredom is the number one workout-motivation-killer.

So don't forget to change it up!

Check out a new music playlist, change up your routine, attempt to tackle a new workout machine, rock a new gym outfit, bring a new workout buddy, try a new post-workout smoothie.

Every little victory counts and every half a pound needs to be celebrated. It is what keeps us going, knowing that we have achieved something, that this is not simply torture.

No matter how slow you run, you are still lapping everyone on the couch!

So do not forget to reward yourself. Give yourself a break every now and then, have a chocolate bar.

Maybe not too many though.

Workout Motivation | Motte's Blog

Workout Motivation | Motte's Blog

To sum it up, have fun! Enjoy what you are doing and acknowledge what you have already achieved and tomorrow, you will already be a better version of yourself than today!

What do you think, did I leave anything out? How do you keep yourself motivated?


  1. thanks for the tips. There are some good ideas :-)
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