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Let's face it. We all love our jobs, we enjoy the company of our co-workers, our bosses are angels sent from heaven-above (idealistically speaking), but despite it all, we all get stressed out from time to time. And in those few hours between leaving the office and diving into bed, there is typically not too much time to shake it off, shake it off.

We don't always have the time to go to a spa, or a spontaneous three-week vacation on the Bahamas. Because most of us aren't Angelina Jolie - taking care of the world's children one moment, then going on a million-dollar shopping spree the next.

But even she must get stress-induced pimples at times. Though I'm sure she has a private masseuse for these (rare? often? non-existent?) occasions, there can be simpler, more elegant methods to bounce back from a bad day. Or week.

Plus, we don't need a masseuse to witness each and every one of our meltdowns, do we? I know I don't, I am not a pretty crier!

So here are some of my go-to stress relievers that are super simple, and should get you to relax in no time on those stressful work days:

1. Take a bath. Or a long shower. Whatever you've got at hand. The water is soothing, the muscles relax, the skin gets all wrinkly - what's not to love?

2. Read a book. Sometime the best way to deal with reality is to escape it for a moment or two. Dive into another world, take on a new persona. Either get out an old favorite, or be surprised by something new. Perhaps a friend can recommend a good story. Otherwise, simply stroll through the library. For a change, choose a book by its title, don't bother to read the back cover, surprise yourself!

3. Go for a walk. This is probably the number one recommended thing to do when trying to calm down. The fresh air helps to clear the head, and you get a little exercise out of it too. This gets your system going without exhausting yourself.

4. Drink tea. Down-time is key to relaxation. Make a cup of tea and truly enjoy it. Perhaps put on some relaxing music, and enjoy the here and now. Breathe deeply and just be by yourself for a while, merely your thoughts keeping you company. A good tea cleanses mind, body and soul. Apart from numerous variation of green tea (vanilla, grape fruit, orange & ginger), I am currently enjoying New York Chi tea and Blueberry Muffin tea. Not entirely sure about the body, but those definitely cleanse the soul!

10 Best Ways to Destress | Motte's Blog

5. Start a project. Get crafty. From a very young age we love to make things. It can challenge us while keeping us calm and focused. It also has the added benefit of being productive and gives us something to show for in the end. If purple sequins aren't your thing, find a project that better suits your interests, but don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone; fix up something in the house, do some gardening, build a tree house. As long as it keeps you busy, and results in something you can call your own.

6. Go to the gym. If you really need to let off some steam, your best bet is to just get your sweat on. You know, punch a punching bag, not the wall.

7. Eat well. There's really not much out there that is more comforting than food. Challenge a friend to a cook-off, or throw a dinner party, just for the two of you.

8. Call a friend. If something has gotten you all worked up, sometimes it's worse to keep it in. Talk it off instead of texting "I hate my life" to five random numbers in your phone hoping for sympathy. Pick up the phone and get a good friend to hear you out. Let your frustration run free, find some comfort and understanding, make fun of the situation, then find a reasonable solution. That night, you'll sleep much better than expected.

9. Dance it off. In a bad mood, but still got chores to do? Put your speakers on full blast and your dancing shoes on your feet because the living room is your stage! Grab the vacuum cleaner and show me what you've got! We all know you secretly want to be a rock star!

10. Bake a cake. Baking is one of my get-my-spirits-back-up favorites. The smell of freshly baked cookies, or a loaf of bread (mainly cookies though), are some of the sweeter things in life. And how could you stay downhearted after biting into a pink macaroon? Make some for your friends and family, or your neighbors perhaps. But don't forget to keep some for yourself! nom nom nom

I'm pretty sure Mrs Jolie could learn from the one or other point on this list.

Because massages are mad expensive.

What would you add to the list? What works for you?

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  1. Super Tipps! Kann ich im Moment sehr gut gebrauchen! :)

    1. Es freut mich, wenn sie dir helfen; weniger, dass du sie wohl brauchst im Moment... Ich hoffe, es geht dir bald besser, vielleicht hilft das ein oder andere ja! x motte