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I am in love. Deeply. Madly. Passionately.

I think I've known for a while, but just couldn't bring myseelf to say it out loud; to admit it to myself, my devotion to you.

When we were both still young, we'd lie together in the morning sun, we'd dance under the sheets, and sip from the same cup.

But I didn't know.

I didn't know the way you looked at me implied so much more. I couldn't see. Blinded by my own bliss.

Now, as the years have passed, I have regained my sight.

But you still punish me with your frequent absences. And every time you depart, it is like a thousand needles stabbed into my chest. I cry out in pain, "Loved one, where art thou?".

The silence kills me.

My only comfort being that I am certain you will return. You always come back to me.

And when you do, it is like all is forgotten.

We dance once more, on the tables and the chairs, until the music starts to ring in our ears and our feet can no longer carry us, and we dive into a peaceful slumber.

And then,


DIY Bedazzled Tote Bag | Motte's Blog

DIY Bedazzled Tote Bag | Motte's Blog

Yeah, I never wanted to be a poet. I'm not exactly a pro. Rhyming apart with heart just doesn't come to me naturally.

But it is true; it took me much too long to realize that it always has and always will be the most precious thing in the world: Sunday.

Sunday knows, Sunday understands; my worries, and troubles, my sorrows, hopes and dreams; my needs. Sunday always knows how to comfort me, how to get me back up on my feet when I've fallen.

Motte and Sunday sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

DIY Bedazzled Tote Bag | Motte's Blog

And to prove my affection, I made this adorable, bedazzled tote bag declaring "SUNDAY will always be my first love"! So everyone can see where my heart truly belongs.

- canvas tote bag, 100% cotton
- a sheet of paper
- pencil
- cardboard
- tape
- ruler (optional)
- binder clips (optional)
- a black fabric pen
- rhinestones, different shapes
- tweezers
- adhesive (I recommend using an adhesive made specifically for rhinestones, or you run the risk of damaging the back foil of the stones)
- camera (phone)

DIY Bedazzled Tote Bag | Motte's Blog

Step 1: Freehandedly sketch your design onto a sheet of paper, or print it off from a computer. I typed out "SUNDAY will always be my first love" in WORD using the following fonts:
"SUNDAY": Arial Narrow, 190
"will always be my": Andalus, 120
"first love": FlemishScriptBT, 170

DIY Bedazzled Tote Bag | Motte's Blog

Step 2: Tape the sheet of paper with your design onto a piece of cardboard of roughly the same size. Place the cardboard inside of the (ironed) tote and figure out the right placement for the design. Use a ruler if you want to be precise. For extra security, use binder clips to fixate all layers into place. You should be able to see the design through the top layer of the tote.

DIY Bedazzled Tote Bag | Motte's Blog

Step 3: Using a pencil, lightly trace the design onto the tote. If the cardboard should ever slip out of place, you can now easily find its old position.

DIY Bedazzled Tote Bag | Motte's Blog

DIY Bedazzled Tote Bag | Motte's Blog

Step 4: Using a black fabric pen, retrace and fill in the letters of all the words, with the exception of "SUNDAY".

DIY Bedazzled Tote Bag | Motte's Blog

DIY Bedazzled Tote Bag | Motte's Blog

Step 5: Place the rhinestones on the letters forming the word "SUNDAY", filling them in the desired fashion. You'll have to play around a little until you've got it right. I found that round stones are the most difficult to place, the triangles are best for filling any gaps. It is ok if you don't fill every crevice though, no one will notice. Use a pair of tweezers for help. Also, make sure to take a picture as a reference in case you accidentally knock over the result.

DIY Bedazzled Tote Bag | Motte's Blog

DIY Bedazzled Tote Bag | Motte's Blog

Step 6: Using a strong adhesive, glue the rhinestones into place. Once again, use tweezers for help and your photos as a reference. Regularly check that the tote doesn't stick to the underlying paper; just gently lift the top layer of the tote from the cardboard once you've finished gluing one of the letters.

Step 7: Let dry and carefully iron the lettering from the left to set the fabric color. Do not iron over the rhinestones unless the label of both the stones and the adhesive permit it.

DIY Bedazzled Tote Bag | Motte's Blog

DIY Bedazzled Tote Bag | Motte's Blog

Motte & Sunday Forever!

Am I right or am I right?

Happy Weekend!


  1. Very cute idea!!

  2. Mega Idee!!! - Wir haben gerade für meine Cousines Hochzeit Jutebeutel Rucksäcke besorgt und versucht eine Folie auszuschneiden. Sehr sehr aufwendig. - Danke für deine Ausführung. Freu! Happy Day, Kaja

    1. sehr gerne, liebe Kaja! Das ist überhaupt eine gute Idee, mit den Strasssteichnchen lässt sich bestimmt tolles machen für eine Hochzeit!!