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What are your current obsessions? I for one can clearly state mine.

And since we are about to change seasons and it feels like yet another meaningful break in our lives, I thought I’d share my most crucial ones before we head on to the next.
Apart from the obvious, all-year favorites including layered blacks, oven-roasted veggies,
jamming out to my favorite oldies and photography exhibitions, lately, I have been craving fruits. Moving on from my winter treat, the pomegranate, I am now heavily into blue berries and raspberries. In everything. I have them with cereal in the mornings and as a salad topping in the evening hours.

Oh, and oranges.

Oranges have been making an appearance also. They pop by to say hello, but before you know it, they’re gone. Pretty much in the blink of an eye. Or in three bites.


As we’ve established before, math isn’t my strong suit. 

Current Obsession: Astrology | Motte's Blog

Also, Coconut oil has found its way into my skin care routine. Yes, I did indeed jump onto the coconut oil bandwagon and so far, it’s been a smooth ride.

I enjoy using it, it definitely feels very moisturizing. I’m not sure however whether it really delivers the many, many benefits it promises to. Is it really any different from my lotions? I’m not sure I can really tell the difference. Yet, anyway. I will keep an eye on that though.

Current Obsession: Astrology | Motte's Blog

I’ve also bought about six mascaras in the past two weeks which I guess could be considered to be an obsession. I’d like to think that I have a rational explanation for my shopping frenzy though. Maybe.

It all started when I bought this mascara that had a beautiful bright pink packaging and promised me roughly six-inch lashes. After applying, my lashes didn’t grow a single inch which was incredibly disappointing in itself, but I also ended up on the floor writhing in pain.

I guess it is safe to say that I didn’t react to the product too well.

I now live in constant fear that my lashes might just fall off one day. Which I don’t believe to be my most attractive look.

Which is why I started mission Find-mascara-that-doesn’t-burn-my-eye-lashes-to-the-ground. Which seems to be a reasonable life project. Although I haven’t been too successful just yet.

I most recently (which in fact means yesterday) bought an all-natural mascara and thought that might do the trick. So I tried it first thing this morning and then decided I don’t like. The product just doesn’t seem to stick. So I layered my older mascara on top of it. Which kind of defeated the purpose of my little endeavor.

So that was a fail.

It also means I have no choice but to head out to buy a new mascara. Oh darn.

Current Obsession: Astrology | Motte's Blog

I’ve also been digging fresh flowers. Nothing is getting me into a more spring-like mood than a bouquet of tulips or peonies. Except perhaps the rays of sun that have been stopping by lately. Keep ‘em coming!

Current Obsession: Astrology | Motte's Blog

But my true current obsession is… astrology.

Yes, astrology.

Now I suppose some of you will completely understand, already having analyzed your pet cats based on their zodiac signs. Others might simply roll their eyes thinking, who cares about what the stars have to say?

I can relate to both of these individuals, I’d say.

I used to be what could perhaps be termed a sceptic? I’d get in contact with self-proclaimed astrologists every now and then, listen somewhat intently and then be on my way.

But for some reason, this time around, I am truly hooked.

Current Obsession: Astrology | Motte's Blog

I can’t even explain what made the difference this time, but I do know that I now feel the uncontrollable desire to analyze everyone I come across during my morning commute.

Look like the unhasty, calm type, but having a sudden outburst on the phone? You must be a Taurus.

It’s a fun game really.

Current Obsession: Astrology | Motte's Blog

I wanted to be able to play more devotedly though, so I ended up purchasing a book on astrology at this adorable little second-hand bookstore around the corner. I had already been leafing through it for two hours, so I thought I might as well take it home. The only sensible thing to do really. Although I guess it is only to blame for reinforcing my obsession.

I now find myself flicking through it every now and then, not really sure about what I’m even looking for, but no less mesmerized.

I am of course fascinated about my own zodiac sign more than anything: the scorpio. But may I just say, I feel somewhat misrepresented. I come across a lot of negative terminology in the chapter on scorpios: egocentric, dictatorial, demanding, manipulative, demonic nature.

Gee, thanks.

Current Obsession: Astrology | Motte's Blog

I can’t say this makes me feel too good about myself. But I also can’t help thinking back to the What’s Your Spirit Animal quizzes I took last summer. Suddenly, they seem to make so much more sense. At the time, I wasn’t too crazy about the results. I’d never seen myself as a Scottish Wild Cat, and I don’t think the fur of a red panda would suit me too well. However, I now more than ever understand what was meant by describing me as a controversial, secretive being. I don’t mind being mentioned in the same sentence as ‘nocturnal fun’ either. This can’t be a bad thing.

Current Obsession: Astrology | Motte's Blog

So just to paint a bigger picture, I’d like to share some of the scorpio’s strengths: keywords include loyal, passionate, resourceful, observant, dynamic, unyielding.

That’s so much better.

What do you make of this astrology business? Undeniable truth or complete nonsense?

Current Obsession: Astrology | Motte's Blog

I might need to start reading my horoscope.

Or get over this whole thing.

Current Obsession: Astrology | Motte's Blog

We'll see.

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