I wouldn’t say Easter is my favorite holiday. I much prefer Christmas. Closely followed by Halloween. Although I’m not sure Halloween’s even an official holiday…

It is. Halloween is an official holiday.

Google also informed me about some of the unofficial holidays out there. And boy, are there a lot!

I just missed Ice Cream for Breakfast Day which is a shame (first Saturday of February). Tolkien Reading Day is coming up though (March 25). Then there’s CAPS LOCK DAY (June 28) which I hope will never actually be a thing. International Talk Like A Pirate Day (September 19), however, sounds absolutely hilarious. If only everyone followed through…

But back on track. Easter may no longer be my favorite holiday, but I sure couldn’t get enough of it when I was younger. An entire weekend devoted to egg hunting, bunny hugging and chocolate munching – what more could a child want?
Although I will tell you that we still wanted more! The weeks leading up to Easter, my sister and I would take turns hiding marbles and super balls in our rooms. The other – basket in hand – would then spend the afternoon trying to find them in between our piles and piles of toys.

Which wasn’t always too easy.

But usually around Christmas time, we’d have found the last hiding spot.

I guess what I enjoy most about Easter these days are the colorful eggs. And since I always have a box of hard-boiled eggs in the fridge, I figured I might as well give them a little makeover.

I also wanted to try something new. Something simple, yet stylish. And when I saw my collection of nail polishes, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

I’d probably recommend using an old nail polish you no longer use for this project, but since I didn’t have a golden one, I went out to buy one at the drugstore.

I ended up using the p2 cosmetics sand style polish in 100 precious which has a beautiful golden sparkle to it. You can’t see it too well in the pictures unfortunately, but you should get the idea. Also, because it is a sand style polish, it has a nice texture to it which you don’t usually get when painting your eggs with regular water colors.

I love pink and yellow for Easter, so that was the color scheme I opted for and after dying the hard-boiled eggs according to the instructions on the packaging, I got out my sparkling polish and covered the eggs in random golden strokes and dots.

And that was it.

Let me just say that you might want to do this outdoors because the smell is simply nauseating… I really didn’t figure it would be this bad until it was much too precarious to transfer the project to another location… (Now I know some people love the smell, but honestly, I just don’t get it. At all.)

On that note, have a Happy Easter everyone!

- hard-boiled eggs
- egg dye
- nail polish of your choosing

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