Believe me, I am more astonished than you are. But yes, it is true. I have finally managed to create a Facebook page for my blog!

No really, this is a huge step for me.

While I love blogging, I haven’t yet gotten the hang of everything that comes with it. Posting regularly can be quite a challenge as we all know, but I’m getting there! Sure, some months are better than others, but I can assure you, it can only go up from here! In numbers that is!

Social media on the other hand, the blogger’s best friend as they say (‘they’ being the social media loving bloggers out there...) I still have a bit of a love-hate relationship with. Facebook in particular opens up incredible possibilities and opportunities. It connects people. But I am still not sure why it is so crucial to share with the world what I had for lunch today. It’s just confusing to me… But I’m confident I’ll figure it out some day!

The Motte Facebook page, however, I am quite excited about. One more exciting opportunity to share with all of you what I love! My crafts, my inspirations...

So head on over to and show me some love. Like, comment, share!

I am more than grateful for any support, suggestions or feedback! 

In return, let me thank you with many more exciting blog posts in the near future!

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