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DIY Suncatcher, Motte's Blog

Summer is on its way, the sun is out, it is hot, make it stop.

Ha, just kidding!

I’ve been looking forward to the warmer months and the one thing I like the most – apart from dipping my face into ice cream like every day – is the sun flooding my apartment. It’s almost as if I hadn’t noticed how dark the place can get until the sun beams coming glistening in, bouncing from wall to wall, immersing my personal space into a sea of light and sparkle. The latter only on the rare occasion that I mopped the floors. So basically never.

It is almost magical, how the warm orange light can transform an entire space. As well as my mood, to be frank.

Good-bye, winter depression!

the suncatcher hung up by the window

looking through the diy suncatcher

close-up of the DIY Suncatcher, Motte's Blog

I’m not entirely convinced that I typically suffer from what is called a “winter depression”, but I would say that my spirit does rise two or three inches once the cold has receded. And it is not just because my toes have finally defrosted.

So this year, not to miss a single one, I decided to make a sun catcher that catches each ray of sun and transforms it into a colorful spectacle. Or something like it. I might be exaggerating slightly, but in any case this suncatcher makes every summer morning even more colorful.

The light shining through the delicate strips of cellophane paint a lovely image of pink and orange, red and green onto my floor (still not mopped), seating arrangement or dining table, depending on the position of the sun.

And it warms my heart.

DIY Suncatcher, Motte's Blog

DIY Suncatcher, Motte's Blog

DIY Suncatcher, Motte's Blog

Which is also why I find this to be a perfect Mother’s Day gift.

If any other thing on this planet is guaranteed to fill my heart with light and joy it is my family and my mother in particular.

Simply by adding a little note, the suncatcher becomes that much more personal.

DIY Suncatcher, Motte's Blog

DIY Suncatcher, Motte's Blog

DIY Suncatcher, Motte's Blog


  • embroidery hoop 
  • cellophane paper/foil, transparent and colored 
  • glue stick 
  • cardboard paper, white 
  • pen 
  • scissors 
  • carpet knife 
cutting a circle from a cardboard paper

Step 1: The card Draw a circle onto the cardboard paper by tracing the inner edge of the embroidery hoop and cut out. I opted for a hoop that measured a circumference of approximately 15cm.

cutting out a heart from the cardboard circle

Using a carpet knife cut a heart from the center of your circle. Be sure to use a proper working surface!

adding a personal note to the diy suncatcher

Add a little note: “I love you to bits and pieces!”, “You’re my sunbeam”, or similar. Set aside.

cutting up cellophane triangles and glueing them onto the diy suncatcher

Step 2: The Suncatcher Cut up the colored cellophane into various little triangles of varying dimensions. Place a sheet of transparent cellophane paper onto your work surface. Eyeball how much of the sheet will be required to cover the embroidery hoop and fill the space with the colorful triangles. Stick them to the transparent foil using a glue stick. By layering the triangles you will create even more colors. A little glue will go a long way. Also work carefully as the foil is very thin and rips easily.

The foil will dry quickly. Add it to the embroidery hoop, making sure it doesn’t crinkle too much.

DIY Suncatcher, Motte's Blog

Turn the hoop around and cut off any excess foil with y carpet knife.

…and your suncatcher is ready to be shipped, gifted and hanged! I added mine to the window with some simple sewing thread.

DIY Suncatcher, Motte's Blog

DIY Suncatcher, Motte's Blog

Enjoy the sun!

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