selfmade tortured candles with needles poked into the sides for Halloween

October has begun. Fall is upon us. Orange is everywhere.

While images of crumbling leaves, pumpkin patches and warm apple cider on the stove top do pop into my head most daily, I can’t help but feel more excited about the darker things coming up this month.

I certainly drool over the thought of pumpkin-pecan-maple-syrup pie (oh boy!), but that is going to have to wait just a little while longer. I have hundreds of teeny plastic spiders to arrange on all door knobs of the apartment. Bats are waiting to roam free. I need to find a supplier for custom-made cauldrons and practice some of my favorite spells. Where did I put my trusty broom stick?
Halloween is such a treat. It’s kooky and spooky and altogether ooky.

It’s the perfect excuse to show your true self. I am convinced that we all have a twisted twin sister (or brother) trapped within and frankly, I love mine. We get along just fine. So I am more than happy to introduce her to all of my friends come All Hollow’s Eve.

bruned down candle for Halloween with nails sticking in the sides

candles tortured by sticking nails in from the side for Halloween

candles photographed from above with needles coming out from the sides

Admittedly, there might still be some time before the Halloween madness truly begins, but my impatience and excitement can no longer be tamed. So I am already starting to put up the first decorative items.

These poor, tortured candles are a fast and easy way to bring a subtle spook to your home.

I don’t really have a story to go with them just yet, but I can image some voodoo magic going on there. You know, wishing the worst on your bestie, or letting the neighbor’s boy know what you truly think of him…

Like I said, my sister within is a wicked one.

a candle with nails sticking in the side for Halloween

a pile of nails to use for a Halloween craft

Truthfully, it is kind of weird poking nails through things. It makes you suddenly imagine every little thing having feelings of its own and you start to wonder whether maybe, one day this will come right back at you.

Magic is real, I’m telling you.

So I’m just gonna say sorry at this point – just in case.

blown out candles with nails inserted in the sides for Halloween

supplies to make tortured candles with nails and a lighter or hammer


  • candle 
  • nails 
  • lighter or hammer 
  • (gloves) 
hammering a nail into a candle

Option 1: The safest way to go about this is to simply hammer the nails into the sides of the candle. Insert them as deeply as you wish. Some of the wax might chip where the nail is inserted.

holding a nail into a flame to heat it up

inserting a heated nail into a candle, DIY instructions

poking nails into candles instructions

Option 2: An alternative that offers a smoother entry of the nail into the candle is applying heat to the nail. Light the candle and hold the nail into the flame for just a brief moment. Careful, the temperature will rise significantly so I recommend wearing gloves. Immediately insert the heated nail into the side of the candle. If the temperature is high enough it will go in without any difficulty.

Arrange as desired, light the candles and let the creepiness unfold!

lit candles arranged on a side table

blown out candles

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